Frequently asked questions


SPOTON INCLUSIVE is a smart thermal scanner with Artificial Intelligence software capabilities, developed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech). It can screen up to 10 people at once and provide automated alarms and email alerts on individuals with high temperatures or without masks on. Extra•Ordinary People’s SPOTON INCLUSIVE solution is assembled by an inclusive team, which includes persons with special and additional needs, as well as from marginalised communities.

2. Who produced it?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE was produced by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech).

3. How does SPOTON INCLUSIVE differ from other face temperature detection technologies?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE enables fast and accurate mass temperature screening by screening up to 10 people at any one time with an accuracy of ±0.3-0.5°C (within a 1.5-2m range) in both indoor and outdoor environments. SPOTON INCLUSIVE’s accuracy range in temperature sensing was verified in calibration tests conducted with the National Metrology Centre (NMC). When an individual’s temperature exceeds a pre-defined threshold of 37.5°C, SPOTON INCLUSIVE will trigger an alarm and send an e-mail alert to the venue operator. SPOTON INCLUSIVE can also detect and indicate when an individual is not wearing a face mask. These features ensure operators are alerted to potential high temperature cases while minimising in-person contact and time spent on manual temperature checks.

4. What is the price of SPOTON INCLUSIVE?

The price is SGD$2,800.00 per unit, excluding GST and Shipping. For orders above 20 units, please email to be contacted by a sales representative.

5. How easy is it to configure and activate the solution for use? Do we need an expert or just about anyone can do it? And how long does it take to get it working?

Configuration is simple and takes only about five minutes, without the assistance of a specialist.

6. Do we need a particular technology to use SPOTON INCLUSIVE?

There is no additional technology required to run SPOTON INCLUSIVE. Please refer to the next question below for the complete list of hardware and software required to configure and run SPOTON INCLUSIVE.

7. What is the hardware specification of the SPOTON INCLUSIVE?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE consists of an infrared camera, printed circuit board and RGB-Depth camera. A type C to USB 3.1 cable for the RGB camera and a Micro USB to USB cable for the infrared camera are also included in the kit. Please refer to for more information and features.

8. As a user, what hardware/software or technology that I need on my end to deploy SPOTON INCLUSIVE for use?

As a user, you need to have the following hardware and software ready to configure SPOTON INCLUSIVE for use: Hardware 1) PC Laptop (Minimum specifications: Intel i5 Windows PC, USB 3.1 port). 2) Reliable thermometer for calibration (GovTech recommends a Health Sciences Authority (HSA)-certified thermometer to ensure accuracy, for e.g. CEM DT-8806H non-contact infrared thermometer). 3) Monitor or any other display screen to display results (optional but highly recommended). 4) Tripod to mount SPOTON INCLUSIVE from an optimal height (optional). Software (download links provided with purchase) 1) Configurator (configurator.exe) to calibrate the thermal scanner for use with the main SPOTON INCLUSIVE application. 2) SPOTON INCLUSIVE software (spoton.exe) to run the thermal scanner application.

9. Since SPOTON INCLUSIVE employs facial detection technology, will my privacy be “invaded”? Will it track my whereabouts?

No. SPOTON INCLUSIVE employs facial detection technology and not facial recognition. This means that the machine uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to differentiate between human faces and objects for accurate thermal sensing. The technology cannot identify or track individuals.

10. What is the recommended distance for detecting a person’s temperature?

The recommended distance for maximum accuracy is 2 metres from where SPOTON INCLUSIVE is set up for use.

11. What happened when the software detects a face with a high temperature?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE will trigger a sound alert and automatically take and save a snapshot of the detected person. All captured photos are saved in a folder in the computer connected to SPOTON INCLUSIVE and will need to be deleted manually in compliance with prevailing privacy regulations.

12. What is the lead time for procurement?

An average of two months is required. Please email for the latest available fulfilment date(s).

13. What is the minimum quantity to purchase and the bulk price?

There is no minimum quantity for purchase. For orders above 20 units, please email to be contacted by a sales representative.

14. Is there an option for rental?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE has been licensed to Extra•Ordinary People by GovTech at no fee. In doing our part in this prevention battle against COVID-19, the pricing of SPOTON INCLUSIVE is deliberately kept affordable to ensure accessibility. As such, no rental option will be made available.

15. Will an upgraded version of the SPOTON INCLUSIVE software that includes more advanced features such as pose recognition, heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements be available at a later stage?

SPOTON INCLUSIVE’s Artificial Intelligence software is developed by GovTech. Extra•Ordinary People will endeavour to work closely with the agency to secure any available upgrades of the software solution. To be kept abreast of these potential upgrades, please email to indicate your interest.

16. Is there set-up and training provided for the thermal scanner?

For orders to be deployed in locations within Singapore, a one-time setup and same-day onsite training will be provided.

17. Is there a trial unit or a product demonstration?

Yes, a product demonstration can be arranged. Please email with your request.

18. How long is the warranty valid for?

A one-month warranty that covers a 1-for-1 swap on hardware components is included. After the one-month warranty period, identified faulty hardware components will be repaired and replaced at a cost.

19. Do you provide aftersales support? If so, will it be remote or on-site?

Support will be provided via a hotline during office hours from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (excluding public holiday) for one year.

20. Are laptops or tripod included?

There are two versions of SPOTON INCLUSIVE. One is priced at SGD$2,800.00 without a tripod, and the other at SGD$2,880.00 with a tripod. Both versions do not come with laptops, and exclude GST and shipping.