SpotOn Inclusive & Litehaus

To drive seamless, safe and secure entry amidst the current heightened COVID-19 situation in Singapore, registered charity Extra•Ordinary People has partnered local SME Embrio Enterprises Pte Ltd to launch "SpotOn Inclusive" and "Litehaus".

“Litehaus” is a visitor management solution that facilitates seamless, safe and secure entry, enabling businesses and visitors to resume daily activities in a safe and efficient manner amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The ‘plug and play’ system features “SpotOn Inclusive” – a contactless thermal visual scanner powered by the deep learning-based SPOTON software developed by GovTech. 


Listed as a Class A Medical Device in Singapore, “SpotOn Inclusive” is able to screen the temperatures of up to ten persons at once, while also alerting operators to individuals who are not wearing masks. 


Both solutions are built with modular components, making them simple to assemble and operate. This, in turn, creates work opportunities for individuals with special needs, as well as those from marginalised communities. In a typical round of assembly, the “SpotOn Inclusive” device is put together by clients of MINDS Idea Employment Development Centre, before being built into “Litehaus” units by low-income persons identified by ground partners. 50 “Litehaus” units are currently deployed at United Overseas Bank (UOB) branches islandwide.


Several organisations have joined as partners in support of inclusive employment - Tuan Sing Holdings sponsored a large office space for the R&D, training and assembly of "Litehaus" and Federal Packaging sponsored the product packaging. 


The contributions from 3P (people, private and public sectors) partners Embrio Enterprises, Extra•Ordinary People, and GovTech, has enabled the use of technology to create social impact which in turn helps to build a more resilient community. 


Litehaus Inclusive.png

"Litehaus" is an integrated Visitor Management System (VMS) with AI thermal scanning and contact tracing features. "Litehaus" is powered by "SpotOn Inclusive", a lightweight mobile thermal scanning technology developed by GovTech.


Besides thermal scanning, "Litehaus" is enhanced with the following functions for a complete visitor management solution:

  • Allows event check-ins to facilitate contact tracing

  • Works with Entrée, a multi-tenanted visitor management system (VMS) that allows the digital pre-registration and automated check-in of visitors spanning across multiple types of events

  • Features Sherpa Trek, an IoT edge-based technology for indoor analytics, to manage crowds, shorten screening and admission time, and enable central dashboards with multiple-device link-ups



Product Range

LiteHaus Inclusive Basic
LiteHaus Inclusive Plus
LiteHaus Inclusive Premium
SpotOn Inclusive
Intelligent AI Human Face Detection
Smart Face Mask Detection
Non-contact Temperature Measurement
Realtime Infrared Thermal Image Display
Automatic Fever Alarm and Email Notification
LED Light Indicator
NRIC and Other Location Check-in Systems
Visitor Management*
Event Themed Interactive App*
Link Analysis*
Real-time contact tracing Dashboard Analytics*
From $4,280
From $7,980
Customize as requested
From $2,880

*1 Year Subscription